Friday, February 13, 2009

I Lied.

Yes I led you all to believe that I would be farrr to busy to post but here I am yet again. Avoiding doing the last minute things I should before I go to bed ;)

Kylers Dr. appt....after waiting for about 50 minutes...the boys showing off/flirting mercilessly with a man and woman sitting across from us - the boys were finally getting restless and the receptionist came to inform us there was a waiting room down the hall full of toys. Thanks. She told us this just as the Doctor finally called Kylers name. lol.

What did we learn. It is one of 2 things. One is serious and VERY rare.A Neurological disease... The other is minor...Allergies. Which he is lead to believe that its allergies since hes only seen the other thing in 1 other child in his since if it was the other thing which remained should have been getting worse...which Kylers when it happens Kyler has puffiness in his upper lid...which leads us to believe again that it is allergies. The only way to know for sure about the other thing is apparently an insane amount of tests. So hes forwarding his reports to the Ped and our Family Doctor and we're keeping an eye on it. If its the other thing I guess it will lead to a lazy eye or something...Since its not progressing we're going with the allergies assumption unless something else happens... So I'm assuming that our Dr. will call us to talk more since the Opthamologist didn't really say much. But it sounds like good news :) And we were informed on the way out the door that Kolby has allergies and that explains the dark rings under his eyes. Don't know how he knows this from just looking at him but I'm sure its true...If you had to listen to Kolby breathe you wouldn't doubt that he is allergic to something .lol. Poor kid breathes like Darth Vader. which there are plans in my near future to visit a doctor about that too... Oh the Doctor trips never end with 3 kids!

Well that's it for tonight. A couple really poorly structured paragraphs :) I just don't have patience for proper grammar any more. I'll blame it on Mommy Brain and not laziness okay ;) Sorry its so everywhere-Hopefully you can understand my blubbering(that is NOT the word I am trying to think of).lol. I'm ready for bed !! goodnight.

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