Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ech. photoshop.

I havent done any editing on these so be kind :) but Im having issues since I dont know photoshop all that great... I know what I want to do to them just not how yet... so heres a preview that ONLY blogland is getting since the bride and groom dont have any pictures yet! eek. I lied. two of these pics I brightened up... but I want to figure out how to do textures....vignettes I finally figured out last night.... Soften effects...I dont know. I see alot of things Id like to do but dont know where to start.


Lady Lawson said...

HOLY COW! You did great work! YAY! Honestly, I don't think they need much post-processing work, but I'm def not an expert! I think they are BEAUTIFUL and the bride and groom are sure to be happy!!! Way to go!

Lady Lawson said...

PS - I don't know anything about photoshop. I only know a VERY little about Corel, but I mostly use Picassa which is BASIC! I know...I should learn more! Picassa has a glow effect that could be nice in some of these. But, like I said, they look really good now!