Monday, February 23, 2009

Now can you tell me why we havent done this before?

This is our third winter living in this town. third winter in our 2 year plan town.FIRST winter that we have visited the well known 'Frog Pond' its a place about a 1 minute quad/skidoo ride out of town behind circle drive. There are no roads...its just a place in the middle of a farmers field. Everyone goes there. Us . Not so much- although every time Franklin is on and I hear mention of 'Hop Frog Pond' it reminds me that we should really go check it out. So yesterday we finally did. Its quite cute really. A pond down in a small valley... so there are trees and hills on all sides. We bundled up the kids and headed over with my Brother and Sister In law as well with their 4 kids . And it was FUN. Definitely something we should have checked out sooner.
Tyson and Kyler. Now where were these blue skies when I wanted to do this shot at Jackie and CJ's wedding!?

Yes. I do exist!! I had to make my dear husband take pictures of me on the crazy carpet so that one day there will be proof that my children have a mother!

at first he was a little freaked but before we knew it he was going down the big hill all by himself!
Tyson :)
My Nephew
Kolby being his charming old self. He found every possible reason to scream and cry yesterday while everyone else was having a good time

Now that's a great action shot!
My Niece


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HeavenLeigh Photography said...

hahahaha I LOVE the pictures!!!!! You guys look like you had so much fun!!! I kind of almost wish Ayvah hadn't fallen asleep when Roger and the kids were going, I wanted pictures!! Maybe next weekend, hopefully it's nice, then Ayvah and I can go sledding too! haha