Sunday, March 1, 2009


Lol. I thought I would just print a retraction of my prior post!

Now that my mom phoned me so we could 'talk' Im thinking to myself. Geez. I guess I shouldn't have vented. Yes my Husband is a miserable man child...But he can be a super man too. Yes he did swear at me in a room full of people. He told me to 'F' right off. Nice. I know. Not acceptable.I know. But it was under his breath so its not like he made this huge scene . I'm pretty sure no one noticed but me. Which still ...does not make it acceptable... but not as mortifying either. Yes he apologized shortly after. Yes I didn't really care and still continued to ignore him. lol. I don't want apologies...I want a little self control in the miserable man child department. ALTHOUGH he did spend the rest of the day being super nice / cleaning / obeying my every command. So not all was lost. lol.

In short the man drives me ABSOLUTELY certifiably insane. But he is a good man and I love him. well...most the time. lol. Yesterday when I was writing my post? Not so much.

Have a good rest of the weekend. I Know I will . Tysons Aunty Kathy is bringing me some photo editing goodies later today - I'm soooo excited!!

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