Monday, March 2, 2009

Big BOY!!!

HE PEED IN THE POTTY AGAIN BEFORE BEDTIME!!!! In case you haven't gathered... I'm completely shocked and SOOO excited. what a big boy .

On another note for supper today we had steak and salad

1. Kyler dumped his glass of milk onto his plate and proceeded to eat the food like it was going out of style. And although I'm not making a specific not me Monday post I most definitely did NOT just let him keep eating it . A little milk never hurt anyone right. lol

2. Keaton made his dad cut up the left over steak and put it in a zip lock bag because he wants to take it for his lunch tomorrow. Crazy kids.

And since we have a Keaton and Kyler story above here's one more of my children's weird eating habits :

Yesterday we went out for supper because it was our nieces birthday, while at supper Kolby ate all of his salad... and then proceeded to trade Keaton his grilled cheese sandwich for his salad. This is the same child that I have cut off at his 3rd helping of salad whenever we have it.

Some of my boys' favorite foods : Broccoli , Asparagus , Tomatoes , Green Beans , and if you havent gathered ... Salad of any sort. Strange right !?

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