Monday, March 2, 2009

We have lift off!!

Kyler pooped and peed in the potty!!! We've been very passivly starting potty training. If I notice him pushing I'll take him...or if he has to poop he'll grab his bum and say poof so I'll run him. Well. Usually he does not cooperate. He only wants to sit on it for... Id say 3-5 seconds top. We try that a few times... I give in when he starts to get mad. So we put a diaper on and usually he then decides to do his business. I decided today that I was going to distract him by washing all the chocolate pudding off his body while he sat on it(thats a whole other post in So I did my thing washing him up. AND HE DID HIS! he got up and he had done his duty! I was so Now only to think of something else that I can do regularly to distract him and get him to give the potty a little more time. Any Ideas?

UPDATE: Less than 5 minutes after I posted he started grabbing his diaper and screaming I asked if he had to potty. He took off running. he sat on the potty. AND HE PEED AGAIN!!! what a champ.

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