Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What day is it again

Okay. So I come on thinking ... I need to think of something brilliant to post. hmmm. what subject can I touch on that I could title with a 'T' for tuesday. Wait... I just read Mcmamas blog and she had a Wordless Wednesday Post. Silly silly girl- she thinks its Wednesday.
Oh wait.
No it cant be Wednesday.
Sure enough thats what the computer is telling me!? I guess Im the one that is completely lost! So here we go. Its not really wordless but your getting a picture :) Random old picture at that but I thought it was cute... this shows how he looks the majority of the time....Your sure getting to see alot of Kolby lately arent you !?


Lady Lawson said...

Cute! You know, has a "pout" week coming up should check it out!!!

Karen and Elisha said...
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