Saturday, October 15, 2011


Life gets very busy when youre expecting twins. It gets even busier when you have infant twins... So no explanation should be needed regarding my LOOOONG overdue posting.

August 2011, a very busy month in our house.

We went for our routine MFM appointment in Edmonton on August 11, 2011... the appointments we had been going to bi weekly since 20 weeks to monitor the babies... On August 11th was the first time we had had a less than stellar 'review' from the doctors.

Up until this point we were always told how EXCELLENT we were doing. On this day we were told that there were some concerns regarding baby A's bloodflow to his brain and they wanted us back in four days to check on them again. I left the appointment wanting to cry, we didnt know if there was a problem or not... but it was a big hit for me to go from being told every appointment how great the babies looked, to suddenly there may be a problem.

August 15th, 2011... we headed back up to the city for our followup... the shock of a possible problem had worn off by now and we were expecting to hear everything looked great and there was indeed no need for concern. After a very long ultrasound in which the tech struggled repeatedly to get any blood flow readings from baby A, and assuring us it was nothing, and then an even longer wait for the doctor... we were told that babies would need to be born the next day due to what they figured was TAPS . Twin Anemia Polycythemia sequence. A form of the TTTS which is what we had been watching for all along...

We drove the 2.5 hours home to pack a few things and make arrangements for the boys as we didnt know how long we would be in the city and how much extra care the babies would need once they were born... We were told to expect them to need blood transfusions and a NICU stay... so we were most definitely worried...and just wanted one more night at home with our other three babies :)

To be continued. I do after all have 5 kids to watch, so I have to keep blogging short! Coming soon, The big birthday!

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