Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AUGUST 17,2011 One day old

Well. It is January 2012, and I'm still trying to document the early days after babies arrived... so this is going to be the cliff notes version of Knox and Kullen, Day 1

-Knox had a little trouble breathing just after birth and had to have some 'Kangaroo time' with momma, I didn't mind one bit!

-Boys boys got to room in with me that first night!

-Found out they are AB-

-Had their blood sugar monitored several times a day

-Kullen had the first bath...Mommy missed it but was told he did not like it one bit...Knox seemed to enjoy his

-Both of you had to have car seat tests done to make sure they could keep their O2 sats up well enough in their seats so we could leave the hospital

-Knox was a great eater but quite sleepy... Kullen refused to eat... also very sleepy...and the nurses refused to help me... or listen to me that you were NOT eating AT ALL. I discovered you were BOTH tongue tied...asked several medical professionals, and they ALL said it wasn't a problem...despite the fact that you wouldn't eat...The nurses pushed formula rather than help me get you to latch/ stay awake for a feeding.

-At one point both babies were being quite fussy, so I put them naked, side by side, and wrapped them together...they snuggled up to one another and calmed right down

-6:00pm , February 17...approx 26 hours after you were born... We were released from the hospital...You guys were rock stars! I have never been more excited or terrified of anything in my life, than that 3 hour trek home with two 36 week infants. Yikes!

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