Sunday, October 23, 2011

August 20, 2011

It is January 23rd today, and I'm still trying to document what I can remember from the babies first months, I've been far too busy until now, so I just hope my memory doesn't fail me! I'll put all the posts in chronological order still, so that they're easier to follow :)

I took Knox and Kullen to the ER because they were quite Jaundiced. This was the start of a 4 day stay in the hospital, under the Billi lights for both of the boys... By the end of our hospital stay they had both lost over 1lb and were the skinniest little peanuts I ever did see!

Cliff Note version:

Kullen was down to 5lbs 9oz, and Knox was down to 5lbs 11oz when we were released from the hospital. We started them both on formula now -to get their weights up, but still breastfed too.

Knox's first night under the lights resulted in mom getting a whopping 15 minutes of sleep, every time the poor little guy moved in there he would freak himself out and flail around ... I ended up having to 'restrain him'

Sunday night after asking the nurses SEVERAL times if we could test Kullens Billi again, because he was more yellow now than Knox... Tyson finally came in and took him down to the ER. His Billi was through the roof, and into the lights he went as well.

I just remember how TINY you guys looked in those big incubators, all naked except for your styling shades...

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