Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Pan or not to Pan?

So Ive been taking a very basic photography course hoping my new camera would be in and it would be a great way to learn all about it...(I ordered it oh-5 or 6 weeks ago!) and its I decided that's fine...maybe I would learn some new little secret or technique... However the main thing that I have learned is that panning is IMPOSSIBLE. Hardest thing I have ever tried to do!! So finally I gave in thinking that a merry-go-round would be the answer only to case you don't know... they are an endangered species! Tyson and I drove around for over an hour to a couple small towns in search of the species only to come home let down... there just aren't any left! OR SO I THOUGHT!

Lindberg, Ab ... the home of the Merry-Go-Round. Thank you! These didn't turn out the best I know but much better than my previous merry-go-round-less attempts.

I have also decided this is the best park ever... They have a gigantic teeter totter ( okay I so do not know how that should be spelled so I'm just going to roll with it.) Tyson and I made fools of ourselves and had a blast on it. I'll be going there again I'm sure... who doesn't like a park with equipment big enough for you!?

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