Friday, June 12, 2009

Show us where you live Fridays

Well this post has been many weeks in the making as Ive been meaning to do the Show us where you live Friday over at Kelly's Korner Blog (on my sidebar since I cannot get a handle on the linking) for WEEKS now...And I couldn't have picked a finer week to join in... Now brace yourself for the excitement that is MY BATHROOM! And yes. One bathroom with all those boys. I hate it and long for the day when I will have 2 or 3 again...But I guess that's part of the 'charm' of an old house.
one small bathroom.
So without further adieu-behold-the bathroom I now wish I had livened up a bit before I took these photos. Its looking pretty blah here.

This is my bathtub (no? really!! lol)exciting I know. And look there is soap there! Okay more seriously though. To be honest this pic was taken a while ago after we finished some renos... and I cheated and used it instead of taking new photos...hence the blandness. Now my tub is full of bath toys and baby wash. I also have a BEAUTIFUL candelabra that I found at a garage sale for $5 sitting on the bathroom floor waiting to be hung above the tub. I'll post a picture when I can con - or I mean ask my loving husband nicely to hang it.

To the right of the tub there is a big window. the bottom half is frosted- which is great for men. the top half is not if you get my drift... so I put some nice 'faux wood' blinds up there and have 3 big wood pillar holders with candles sitting there. Wow. It probably would have been so much quicker to take new pictures than actually trying to explain what things are really like in there now.

okay this is the vanity. there's a basket on there now for facecloths... see the garbage can tucked on the floor beside it...Its magic!! No matter how many times the boys try they CANNOT get anything to go inside it... It somehow must repel it so it ends up on the floor.
I know.
That's about it...I have a little chest thingy that matches the vanity and sits on top of the toilet to store q-tips and all that exciting type of stuff. And the inside of the vanity (top and bottom) are both GROSS messy. like open them and stuff is falling everywhere. See I should have taken new pictures I'm sure you would have LOVED to see that. Well hope you enjoyed the tour!

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