Friday, June 15, 2012

10 months old

Knox and Kullen, Kullen and Knox... You are TEN months old. I don't know where the time has gone!
Kullen... You just got your second tooth so now have your bottom two

Knox... You have your first tooth... The bottom right... which was also Kullens first tooth... Yours came  a couple weeks after your brothers... so if you keep on the  same teething schedule you should have your second tooth before we know it!

Knox... You just learned to walk forwards in the walker and have such a blast.

You both have the craziest hair right now... I like to call you guys 'the Donald' It is very fitting.

Kullen... You love to hide your face in the crook of mommy's neck and hum along with her...

You both say Mom, Dad and Bob... wave buh-bye... and love cheerios. Today you tried grapes for the first time and it looks like they may be a new favorite!

Kullen... two days ago you discovered the cupboard that I keep the toaster in. You must think you've hit the mother load because a couple times a day I catch you in there with crumbs mashed all over your face chewing on the days finds. I'm sorry to say, today Knox discovered your secret so now you will have to share your stale toast crumbs. Oh darn it!

So many things have happened in these past 10 months and I must say it's been a blast... cant wait to see what month 11 brings

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