Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Yesterday was our long awaited appointment with an Asthma specialist for Kyler... we've been trying to get some answers for quite a while and figure out something that would work consistently  for him to no avail... So to say I was excited for this appointment is an understatement.

What did we learn?

-Kyler beyond a doubt has Asthma. (Duh)

-Kyler has a Heart Murmur!

-Many of the symptoms we have been having real issues with, and were told were related to his asthma are NOT.

-His heart Murmur is loud... and she does not know how it has not been picked up before...It also does not sound like a 'normal' heart murmur. The way the doctor described it to Tyson is that most heart murmurs sound sort of like a constant wave... His is very... Harsh I suppose... Don't laugh at my diagram below... This is just sort of how she described what a 'normal' heart murmur sounds like versus kylers.

-She said that the fevers / 120 breaths a minute / elevated heart rate / inability to get his oxygen levels up when he is hospitalized for the Asthma are not related to his Asthma... only aggravating it... and that there is something else going on aside from Asthma here. So I would like to thank all the doctors that made us feel like absolute POO for 'waiting so long to bring him in' every time we show up to the ER with our lethargic little guy... because apparently YOU don't really know what you're dealing with either.

So although we got some very unexpected news... we at least have a game plan now.

Kyler has been completely taken off of his inhalers and will use only a nebulizer(daily) for now. We are waiting to hear in the next day or so when we meet with the Pediatric cardiologist... and when we go for that appointment they will also be doing allergy testing for the Asthma, as well as blood work to check for something related to the possible heart issues...aaaand... something else. I cant remember.

The Asthma Specialist will then meet with some of the other doctors as well as the pediatric cardiologist and they'll all put their brains together to figure out whats going on.

So that's where we're at. I'm crossing my fingers that it's just in innocent murmur... but after googling murmurs and symptoms of heart defects... I would not be surprised one BIT if it's heart related...because out of all the symptoms I've read online... Kyler has the majority. I'll just be glad to get answers...and I'll be even HAPPIER if it's not his heart.

So that's where we're at... Please say a little prayer that it's nothing :)

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