Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When life looks down,
when times get tough,
when things don't go your way...

Take those times,
take those moments,
and save them for a better day.

Let them be your guiding light,
they'll help you go a ways...

Don't let life's drops take you down,
just let them pave your way.

-Elisha Hawryluk-

It's cheesy... But life can give you lemons and you can either pucker up your lips and put a sour look on your face... or you can make some DELICIOUS lemonade and get on with it.

Life doesn't go exactly according to any ones plan.

If it did, I would be a Lawyer, only would have been married 3 years, and would have just had baby number 2. That was my life 'plan'.

God had something else in store...and despite the absolute chaos and exhaustion that consumes me every day... I thank him... because I could not have dreamed up a better life for myself... Bad days and all.

I have a HUGE beautiful family...5 amazing little men, a husband that infuriates me beyond belief, but also makes me giggle, supports me, and loves me to no end, and a job that could not be more perfect for me.

If you're having a bad day today, just take a moment and think of something that makes you happy... If everyone focused on being happy as much as many focus on complaining about the bad times, this world would be such a wonderful place!

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