Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here comes Santa ....

It is the season for eating too much, buying too much, and seeing too much of one other person. SANTA. he is everywhere! Now I notice most families have problems with their children at one point being scared beyond belief of the man... Personally in my house it is quite different. NEVER ONCE out of 3 children have I had one refuse to see him or act scared in any way. Most years it is quite the contrary... they want to be his best buddy and this year is no exception...

Amidst wrapping up a few gifts this morning Keaton came to ask me if I would come downstairs and do something for them...I come down to find that they have the little rocking chair set up beside the tree... with Kolby in his Bath-Robe and a Santa hat ... He needed the belt tied so he could be Santa

So I obllige and he sits in the chair

at which point Kyler screams SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTA!! runs over and hops on his big middle brothers lap... all smiles and giggles...

'Santa' whispers in Kylers ear... "what would you wike for cwistmas wittle boy?"

"teehee" Santa and Kyler giggle

They took turns playing santa for half an hour!

PRICELESS. these are the things I love so much about motherhood.

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