Friday, December 11, 2009

Fix it Friday

Its that time of the week again... Head on over to i♥faces to join in this weeks fun! Personally I enjoy going through everyones edits more than actually doing my own... Its neat to see how others do their processing and maybe learn new tricks ... This edit is actually I process I do on alot of my photos because I love it so much... Its very old looking I think... The first is the before

And here is the after
Again this is pretty much all with TRActions...

1.adjusted the curves a bit
2.Oh snap 100%
2.Bitchin B+W 100%
3.Cinnamon Toast 26%
4. Oh snap again 100%
5. Dirtbag Texture by TRA aswell 26%( I erased it then off select areas as it was too much)
6. Highlight seperator 100%
7. Shadow seperator 100%

Wham bam thank you mamm.

3 minutes flat... maybe- I wasnt keeping track.

Now on to check out all of the other edits this week.

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