Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Baby and I , 3 days , 3 boys , and 1300 kms

Okay. In all honesty it was closer to 1600 kms but I was trying to stick with the 3's in order to keep the title 'catchy' for my whole 1-2 devoted readers...HA!

Well. Its been said before. Several times actually. SEVERAL. But I am a slacker. Its been a busy summer for my boys and I ... and it seems the blog has been neglected. AGAIN. Not to worry. I am going to positively overwhelm you in the days/ weeks to come. There's camping trips , a Circus, a Zoo , the Mountains , Birthdays , at home fun... tons of things COMING YOUR WAY!

I'm going to start with this :



Now. I'm sure whether you know me or not... You know children LIKE my children. You know... the ones who scream bloody murder the second a drop of water touches their face... the kind that refuse to lay down in the bath tub or try to claw their way up your arm as your rinsing their hair. Yes . Those children.


WELL. I have two of them. Water haters since birth. Was it something I did ? God only knows. What I know is that any activity ... be it a bath... running in the sprinkler or having a water gun fight is going to end badly. Screaming , crying , snot flying ... that's the way these boys roll. Can't you tell?


well. That may be because of one week... 45 minutes a day... and one(x2) failed salamander class.

And a new day has come! You could search the world round and you would not find a mother happier than I about the fact that both of her children failed swimming lessons. Why you ask? Well.

1.Kolby did not spend every one of his lessons hiding and crying. He partook. and he had fun!

2.since the completion of lessons ...BOTH. yes . BOTH of my boys are now SWIMMING! ALONE!! with life jackets of course... but in water that they cannot reach the ground! eek... even water on their faces!

This past long weekend we were on holidays... as you will see in the days to come.

Well our hotel had a pool. And the boys swam like there was no tomorrow!

No tears ...

no screams...

it was a mothers dream!! Thank you failed salamander lessons!

And just so that you don't get to excited... I forgot my camera in the hotel room during that momentous occasion so don't get too excited waiting for those pictures...not gonna happen.

FYI. yes I know these pictures are gigantic. I was trying something new. didnt work. will not be doing that again so no need to worry. lol. Because I know you were.


Lady Lawson said...

Glad to see you back to blogging again!!!

Elisha said...

Thanks! I know Im bad right!? Ive been so busy with Photography... summer holidays...reading everyone elses blogs that I totally abandoned mine for a bit. lol