Monday, July 6, 2009

It seems to be that time again over at McMammas Place... Kindof snuck up on me! This last week has been so confusing... Tyson didnot work...Tuesday , Wednesday or Friday... then he worked all weekend so It put a royal kink in my ability to remember what day of the week it is
Here we go!
I did not laugh my butt off just now reading McMammas not me post because I did the EXACT same thing as she did regarding Micheal Jacksons death!
Yesterday I did not boost the two littlest Hawryluks onto the kitchen table and encourage them that we should have a dance party... with them table dancing. Not me. that first of all sounds dangerous and second of all is nothing any mother in her right mind would encourage her children to do.
For our anniversary Tyson and I had a getaway to the city last weekend - childless! We did not decide at nearly midnight that we would go for a walk down 'whyte ave'(where all the bars and clubs are) Only to spend 10 minutes driving there... and decide it was way too crazy and busy... maybe we were tired and should go back to the hotel. Were not that old that when presented with a lively child free night that we would choose to go sleep. not us. Were wild ones.
On the way back to the hotel I did not decide that the city skyline was GORGEOUS. make him park on a dark deserted side street so that we could walk down by the river in an attempt to find the perfect view for a picture. The entire walk was not down a dark steep hill... and my excitement for a 'romantic' mid night walk did not quickly fade as I realized I may die climbing my way back up this mountain.
Once at the top of the hill I did not hide my camera when a man was walking past us... freaking out because it was nearly one am in a 'sketchy' neighborhood so he must mean trouble right. Envisioning him jumping me for my new camera ( what hoodlum doesnt want to steal someones camera right!?) and my knight in shining armor fighting him off.
Yeeeaah... can you tell Im from a small town.
Thats all Ive got.
And Im not going to do a spell/grammar check.
I used to...
and determined that is a waste of my time.
Or I didnt.
Not me.

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