Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The early morning mind.

You know when you first wake up in the morning... everything in the house is still silent...and you can actually still hear yourself enough to think? Well this morning I lie in bed thinking about....BLOGGING! (and going to the neighboring town for groceries...but that's not what my point is here). SO. I'm laying in bed thinking of what adventure I should share next...I finally decided I should TRY and go in chronological order. Only to realize. Okay... wait- but my last post was about swimming- which was NOT the first thing chronologically. So that method is out. Then it hits me. I went through all the trouble of coming up with the clever 3 infused title for yesterdays post... referring to our 3 day getaway this past weekend... and then did not blog about it!? Who does that!! Apparently I do. So take that blog land. Totally random post titles! HA.

Well. Don't worry. I will be making a NEW post in the days to come with that SAME title... but this time you will actually get the goods.

So whats on the menu for today you ask? Well todays special is Canada day with your choice of Keaton , Kolby or Kyler .

Just look at those sugar induced glassy eyes. Oh the joys of a parade!

You can just tell by the way hes holding his hand that hes just waiting to jump out into the road at the first sight of someone throwing

THIS. This is a great parade float. To make a long story short. We live in a SMALL town. The people on town council think that our 300 tourists in a 5 year period need a new visitor information center (you know... to tell them they're in the middle of nowhere with nothing to see)
So they fund raise their butts off to build this "Tourist information Eco Center" which is going to be 'green'

Its all about the environment baby... solar panels... motion sensor activated stuff... I don't know what else. Honestly I haven't paid much attention since they miffed me.

So they go to start building this ECO center.

wait for it


they cut down the 3 oldest trees in town to build on top of them!

If that's not environmentally friendly thinking I don't know what it (roll my eyes) So this is the point that float is making. Kudos to who ever put it together!!

Here's my wild man... he was a machine I tell you! And a Hawk eye. whoo!

The whole gang... since we live right on the parade route there was a ton of friends and family that came over to share a few beers and watch... Here I believe we have my husbands cousin Hillary's elbow... his little cousin Piper... my 3 boys and Honey...His brother behind him... and Tyson's Aunt Kathy in the left hand corner with the camera... Shes a great photographer. LOVE HER.

Well that's it for todays excitement! see you soon! HA.

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