Monday, May 5, 2008

oh the joys

So far today has been very stressful, Got up early and got the boys all dressed and fed, walked Keaton to school , and came home to make coffee for the man doing the renos on our house. I get so tired of having someone constantly at our house so I guess in a way it was nice news that he isnt going to do any work today since the few things we're waiting on havent come in yet. But then he broke the news to me... When he originally started the work it was going to take a week... and he was going to work at a rate that went towards our ford truck that we were selling- so we wouldnt have to pay him... we would just take his wages off the price of the truck- GREAT since we didnt really have the money in our budget to pay some one to do it. So he started the work and we decided since we didnt have to pay him we would splurge and do the big covered in deck off the front of the house. WELL. to date it has been a month and a half... he has asked for money several times so I have paid him over $1300 out of my pocket!! And he had $1500 banked towards the truck... we have also MORE than doubled the amount we initially budgeted for the house- $6000!! So today he tells me he needs the money so we can go ahead and sell the truck if we wanted to... So there goes $1500 out of my pocket again- would have been nice to know before we went to Edmonton last week and spent waaay too much $$. So now I have an unfinished house and almost $2900 of my money paid to him for a job I thought would cost us around 1800... and a more than doubled bill at the lumber store due to the deck and extras we did since we 'didnt have to pay anyone' plus other stuff we paid for out of pocket brings it up to around 10000 for a job we initially budgeted around 3000. man am I stressed. so do we finish the work ourselves... or keep paying him... and where do we come up with the money to do our landscaping/fence now that all the money is gone... OH LORD. and on top of all this Tyson is buying another truck for the company . money money money. Some days I wish I had NOTHING and then I wouldnt have to deal with any of this stress.

Now that Im done that ranting though- on another note... the boys are being really good today... I just layed Kyler down for his nap and he rolled right over and snuggled his blankie... Kolby is watching cartoons and playing with the Jenga blocks. I tell. you- where does the time go...Keaton and Kolby both start their soccer today- it seems like yesterday THEY were my babies... And now come sunday my baby will be one... That is really upsetting me - because hes getting so independant now- well- as much as a one year old can- he holds his own bottle , feeds himself , wont snuggle ... so many things that I will miss doing as he grows... My 'last' baby is growing up and it makes me sad.

Well. I dont think anyone reads this since its new and not all that exciting ... but Its nice for me to keep record of life since it seems to be flying by so quickly : ) Im off to make my boy some dinner ... watch my soap... clean my house ... pick up Keaton ... have supper... oh the excitement. AND. I promised myself today that I would dress up-do my hair and makeup Rather than the usual 'work' clothes and baseball cap - so I should do that- I never would have fathomed 6 years ago-before I had kids that doing my hair and makeup and wearing nice clothes would be such a

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