Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Much better day : )

let me start by saying- yay! I actually accomplished getting my hair / makeup / nice clothes done yesterday! I took some pics of myself to document the momentus occassion! Im a dork. I know. This morning I woke up and it was just a beautiful day - One of the rare days when I wake up and just have all the energy and optimism in the world. much better than yesterday . Kolby snuck into my room first thing- its amazing how the loudest most outgoing child of mine can be so stealthy- the average person would not have known he was in the room but Im accustomed to his sneaky ways so I knew he was there... I let him crawl in bed with me for a bit and he made me scratch his back. One thing I will never understand about that kid- leave him alone for any amount of time and the next time you see him he is naked... He goes to bed in jammies... wakes up naked... I get him dressed... run outside... come in and hes naked. The other day he was out playing in the front yard and a young guy walked past the house when I was calling for Kolby... he informed me that my son was in the front yard crying and there seemed to be something wrong with his pants. I go to get him... and the problem with his pants was that he had none!! he had had and accident and taken them off... in the front yard- mind you we live right across the street from the elementary and highschool... so Im sure many people were blessed to see this too.lol. kids - I tell ya. wow I got off subject.

So... I took the kids to St. Paul this morning- got some border stuff for my flower beds, peat moss and then just did some wandering to waste time... we got mcdonalds and came home... I decided that today was the day for me to tackle the wood highchair I bought for 2.50 at a garage sale on the weekend... It was in pretty rough shape but I ripped all of the plastic and staples off... took the arms and back off... cut the back shorter... sanded it ... put it back on... that alone made it look like a new highchair and now Im in the process of painting it a high gloss black... I think its going to be pretty nice when Im done... I never thought to take some before pictures but I will most definatly have to take some after ones. Well. Im going to check a couple things on the computer and then settle into some housework!!

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