Friday, May 9, 2008

Nothing compares to the innocence of a sleeping child

So Last night Kolby was crying in his sleep- Tyson ran into his room assuming that he had to go potty... only to find Kolby asleep with his arm straight above his head stuck between the slats of his headboard... saying... my sword. Apparently trying to free his 'sword' from the dreaded monster- headboard. Tyson came back to bed after retrieving Kolbys sword and told me what had happened- Ive been giggling since.No matter how crazy they can drive you children always find a way to make you giggle. That I am thankful for- it keeps me sane : )

Kyler will be one year old in two days... It has been really tough on me actually- not sure if that is strange but knowing he may be my last baby it makes me sad that I can no longer deny- hes growing up : ( Ive been thinking alot about where I was this time last year and about his birth... I am forever thankful to God after everything I went throughwith his birth that we were blessed with a perfect healthy child - so many people are not so lucky and reading some of the other blogs on here has really shown me my blessings...I find myself kissing my boys more and cherishing every moment knowing that things could have been very different...not everyone is so blessed. About a month after I had Kyler a friend of my mothers had the same things happen while she was in labor... it was her third boy as well. And he passed away... It was eerily similar and still really upsets me to see firsthand how wrong things could have went so easily.

Wow. I sound like quite the downer today!! Ive just been reflecting alot lately on all the blessings I have in my life that I may not have realized before : ) My kids are gorgeous. They are healthy and happy. And I feel like the luckiest woman. At least until Kolby pitches his next fit or Kyler poops out of his diaper all over the floor