Saturday, July 4, 2009

Show us where you live Fridays... Saturday.

I'm a little late :) I was out of town for my husbands uncles funeral yesterday so I didn't get a chance to post... and thought better late than never!

Hop on over to Kelly's to see the rest of the people who joined in... This week was show us your Yard/Garages , I did not take photos of the garage so you all should thank me for sparing you- it is not a pretty site! As for the yard - here we go!
This is the front yard... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that big Apple tree by my deck. It is the most beautiful old tree I have ever seen... nothing is more beautiful than in the spring when it is full of the most beautiful , delicate , white blossoms. If it weren't for that I don't know that I would put up with raking thousands of apples up all summer long!

This is 'the rock' . the rock that I had scouted out on the side of an old road for two years praying no one else would go steal it. lol. When we moved here I finally had a spot that I could put it so Tyson took his picker truck and a friend and got it for me !! He wasn't the happiest camper about my obsessive need for this rock - but I have got tons of compliments on it ... Most people say it looks fake- I love it too.

Flowers hanging on the front porch. if it were not for Tyson I'm sure they would be dead by now. I am not the most reliable when it comes to watering my flowers.

Not the best photo but this is the gate my husband built out of a garden trellis. Love it too. Can I say that too much in one post?

Fire pit. green grass. VERY green grass... Tyson was a fertilizing maniac this spring and I think he may be second guessing that now with how often he has to mow it.

The swing where I sit and watch the boys play... Here.

The trampoline is completely hiding your view of the 'tree house' which is not actually built into a tree but it sounds more manly than play house.All those toys are filling the sandbox... and yes. the grass is dead here. This is the side of the yard that we put the skating rink on during the winter and it absolutely killed our new sod we put on last year. Its slowly coming around... we've discovered grass grows great under the trampoline so we keep moving it to a new dead spot until eventually when we should have none left :)

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