Monday, May 25, 2009

Last week we had the great Idea to make spaghetti for supper and start a food fight with the kids.... When Tyson gave me the heads up I made a run for the camera and he started by throwing a fork full at Keaton. The reaction? Fear! He made a mad dash to his bedroom and hid behind the door. lol. That is until we shared that they were allowed to throw it back at us. As you can see below then it WAS ON!

I threw a strand at my baby... and he BURST into tears!! after a couple hugs and showing him how he could throw it too then he was in.

Kolby is less inhibited... He was in from the start.

Although I made a note to myself that if we are to do it again skip out on putting butter on the spaghetti... everything and everyone ended up greasy.
Below....Kyler had to take a time out to eat some spaghetti off the chandelier. Come on . Were keeping it real on here right.

The Boys were pitching in with the cleaning then
they had a bath and a good talk that they are NEVER to instigate a food fight themselves. So we'll see how that goes.

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T.E.Smith said...

OMG!!!!! That's soooo awesome!!!!! I would like to say that I would totally do that...but I may save it for a night that we decided to have supper outside!! lol I just can't see me being excited about cleaning up afterwards! Looks like you guys had an awesome time though!