Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keeping it real

So recently Susie posted on her blog about how in blog land you really do not have to keep things real... when your posting your free to pick all the 'best' pictures... the ones where your house looks spotless...despite the fact that its not... Your children look sweet and well behaved...instead of having faces still streaked with snack time food or red cheeks from the melt down they had earlier. Come on. I'm a mom I always look 'perfect' in photos right. That's probably why there are never photos of me on here. But despite the fact that usually I make it to noon before realizing that I'm still in my pajama pants or my hair is in the same ole pony tail it has been for the last two weeks. SOMETIMES moms get to look pretty!! Today I was supposed to 'model' for a photographer -somewhat friend- of mine. So I got my extensions out yesterday... painstakingly curled them. Only to get a message that we're going to have to reschedule.

But I didn't let that keep my down.. this morning I curled all my hair... put the extensions all in and pinned and primped. Moments later I realized ... yes this hair does not go with my PJ bottoms and tank top... into a dress and I was ready for the day. Slightly overdressed but hey... I spend 95% of my days under dressed so I suppose I will make up for that today. For proof that sometimes moms do get to look pretty I set up the camera and had my lovely husband take a couple pics of me...

Flash forward to 4 minutes ago when I'm editing my photo ... I think to myself. I'm looking good. I should put this up on my blog. Which is when I was reminded that I should maybe keep it real. So without further ado. Here is the said photo. Keep in mind. THIS IS NOT REAL. Heck. its not even all my hair. lol.

Okay this next one on the other hand may be getting a little closer to the real me.

And even more realistic . I'm a dork what can I say

There we go ! That's more like it. Now excuse the quality of the shot. For supper last week my husband and I planned a food fight with the kids... this was mid fight... and the only 'normal' picture I have of myself in past months.

More to come soon on the food fight front.

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