Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keatons loose tooth

This past weekend was a very busy one for me. Saturday I had to shoot a wedding... Sunday we held Kylers birthday party... as well as it was mothers day and my mom was down for the annual 'mothers day green housing' All went great. When I get on my other computer rest assured there will be pictures .

Keaton. Oh Keaton. As shown in the Emotion post... last week my boy lost his first tooth. I had a wee moment where I just wanted to curl in a ball and cry. That tooth... and the other one beside it that was loose were his first two teeth that he got... two days before his first birthday... and now just minutes later(or so it seemed in my mind) they were leaving us to make way for. EEK. I cant say it. (adult teeth! NOOO!!) Well Sunday night I noticed the other tooth was ready to come out. I told Keaton since Dad was at ball tonight we will pull it out tomorrow... so cease and desist Operation Loose Tooth until then. ( Operation loose tooth is code for the extremely classified operation where the day the tooth is going to be pulled Keaton mercilessly wiggles it to get it ready for removal. lol) I was afraid if he 'followed through on his mission' at school the next day that the tooth might actually get lost.

Flash forward to the next day when I have a very upset 6 year old walking home from school. Apparently in Music class... despite my cease and desist order he was still working on his mission... gave the tooth a little twist and it 'popped' right out. He tried get the teachers attention (apparently the teacher was in a bad mood)without luck so he just put the tiny. oh and I mean TINY tooth in his pocket.

Minor I know. But the vision just broke my heart!! My BABY BOY pulls out his own tooth...gets a little freaked out and excited ... needs somewhere to put it but the teacher is apparently angry so rather than interrupt he just quietly puts the tooth in 'a safe place' his pocket. Only for it to be lost at recess. Ending in a weepy little boy telling me the story .Poor Guy. Hes fine now. We determined if he didn't find the tooth... because apparently his other teacher is looking for it. Yeah . I'm sure. lol. So if she doesn't find it ( again. lol) then we're going to write the tooth fairy a note explaining the situation and hoping she'll have it in her heart to still give the boy his money. In my opinion though. No actual tooth. Means less money. Am I a meanie or what!? Hopefully that will deter him from not follow my commands while on a mission.

So that's where we are now... His first teeth were his first to fall out...and that makes me sad-because babies grow too fast.

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