Friday, April 3, 2009


I hope you feel special because you are always first to get to see what I'm working on !! I did a maternity session with a super cute couple yesterday and here's one of my fav shots!!

Im still working on Kolbys interview... got about half way there yesterday before he started substituting every answer with something to do with farts or poops. Seriously- what have I gotten myself into here with 3 boys !?

Well. Im off to think of something ingenious to do with my family for the last weekend of spring break... hubby doesn't work tomorrow so were thinking of going somewhere fun either tonight and get a hotel or for the day tomorrow. Honestly we could go to the town 15 minutes away... get a room... go swimming... rent a movie and they would think it was the best weekend ever! Me however... not quite excited by that idea. lol. We're just not sure what to do yet. Seeing as its 4pm we should probably make up our minds! Any Ideas??

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