Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Day...A couple Dollars

This is how I spent my weekend! Hunting down a deal and re-do-ing it...Turned out pretty cute if I must say so myself...Now I cant wait to use it for pictures. There is a post that has been in the works for a week or two now but Im slacking. Come on. I am nothing else if not a procrastinator- you really should know that by now!


Lady Lawson said...

OMG!!! You totally inspire me!!! What a treasure you created! You did this in ONE weekend, with THREE boys running around?!?!

- how much did you pay for the orignial (CA or US)?!?! If you don't mind me asking!

- when you get a chance can you do a step by step of what you did? Seriously, this is amazing!

- What kind of paint/sealer did you use? Did you have to sand firt? Those legs would be touch!

Oh, and love that fabric choice!

Lady Lawson said...

Um, yeah...I just re-read my comment and it's full of typos. Oops!