Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prenatal appointments

So today was my first prenatal appointment since the Ultrasound that told us we were having twins...

To say it was underwhelming would be an exaggeration.

I was expecting him to sit down, tell me about what to expect differently with twins, tell me a little about how my prenatal care will differ as opposed to a singleton pregnancy, measure the fundal height, take my blood pressure...listen for heartbeats...send me for blood work...You know... all of the regular pregnancy stuff, plus prepare me a bit for how this pregnancy could be different.

-The nurse weighed me ( and as I predicted, I Have gained a pound, putting me at -6 but I'll take it since I was -8!), The doctor told me he got my Ultrasound report and it is indeed twins... That he'd like me to see another Dr. in town(but that's as far as that went), asked how I was feeling, said things were looking good and he'd like to see me back a week after my April 18th Ultrasound. So if you're looking at a calendar... That would make my next prenatal appointment in 7 weeks.

So lets look at the stats here

I am 14 weeks along with Twins. I have not had blood work done since the initial blood work at 4/5 weeks. He has not once listened for a heartbeat/heartbeats, not once checked my blood pressure or measured fundal height, and now we're going 7 weeks between appointments in my second trimester.

This cant be normal can it? I was really excited for today because I thought I'd leave the appointment with a better understanding of what to expect in the months to come. Instead I'm just as confused as ever... and frankly now quite frustrated by the situation.


Melissa said...

When he said something about seeing another doctor in town was he saying to see him for the most of the pregnancy! I hate that when doctors make it so unclear and while in there your just trying to soak everything in that you do relize that you are confused till after you sit in your car going to start it and your like wait, what just happened!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, that is exactly it! I have no idea what he was saying! I'm so busy waiting for him to do or say something...or complete his thought, I just nod my head and agree with everything, Then I leave wondering what the heck just happened! I am actually going to see a Different Doc at the end of the month who is supposed to be fabulous so we'll see where that goes!