Monday, July 23, 2012

11 Months

K+K... Last week you turned 11 months! We were on holidays so mommy didn't get a chance to blog or do your photo session yet.

Kullen, You got tooth #3, ANOTHER bottom one... and I'm pretty sure #4 is close (on the bottom as well, still nothing up top)

Knox, You got your second tooth, the bottom left... which was also Kullens second tooth. You're also drooling like a madman so I'm sure there are more on the way!

You both had your first haircuts! It messed mommy up for a couple days because that was one of the easier ways to tell you two apart...

Kullen - You've been doing quite a bit of standing, mainly when it involves food that you need to use two hands for so you can't hold onto anything. You can now stand up from sitting all by yourself in the middle of the floor.

Knox- You stand too! You've only done it a couple of times but you'll be a pro soon! You're still at the point that when you REALIZE you're standing it scares the heck out of you and you scramble to hold onto something or sit down.
Both of you boys walk along furniture like no ones business, Went on your first camping trip... Figured out how to escape your screen gazebo mom had set up with a rug/toys/playpen by crawling under the screen wall.

There is ONE stair going down to our porch, Knox , you take it head first and slither like a little snake until your feet drop off and you're completely down it... Kullen, you just sit at the top of that one stair and yell until someone lifts you down it so you can be with your brother.

Month 11 has also lead to a new, rather cute discovery. You boys LOVE to sing. La la la la, Da da da da, Ma ma ma ma... If we start singing you will both sing along and it is the CUTEST thing ever.