Tuesday, April 19, 2011

20 weeks

Had an Ultrasound yesterday, Appointment with new doctor today... and I FINALLY have someone who EXPLAINED things to me!!

What I know

My due date is officially Sept 8th. It only took me 20 weeks of pregnancy to get someone to tell me an actual date!

Babies ARE indeed monochorionic/diamniotic

Babies are both measuring a little AHEAD!! And within a day of each other. This is a HUGE relief as at my other ultrasound they were measuring 6 days different...and although they told me not to worry, of course I still did!

Babies are... BOYS. wow. Not really any words to say.


Yep. that about sums it up. I'm going to be one busy hockey mom!

Baby B has a 2 vessel cord which can indicate problems and birth defects, but he is looking PERFECT...and I was told not to worry about that... so the only worry with the 2 vessel cord is then Growth restriction or problems with TTTS...

Which is sort of a double whammy since we were already concerned about the growth restriction and TTTS because we believe they share a placenta... But they are going to watch that VERY carefully now.

I'm waiting on a call To see a MFM (Specialist for high risk pregnancies who will do an in depth ultrasound to check for TTTS and cord problems) So I'm not sure when that will be...

Starting at 24 weeks (but actually 25 because the lab couldnt get me in any sooner) I will begin bi-weekly ultrasounds... Bi-weekly Dr. appointments... and somewhere around that time I will also have to do weekly non stress tests. So I'm going to be a very busy lady very soon! But it is ALL worth it if these boys are born healrhy.

In other news... My cervix looks great. Nice and thick... I'm sure you're glad you know! The placenta is anterior, which means we can attempt a vaginal birth... IF baby A is head down... Baby B's position doesnt matter so here's crossing my fingers that A will do his thing and flip around since they are both currently breech.

I think that is about it! Hope you enjoyed the medical mumbo jumbo... Coming soon, the newest ultrasound photos!

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